Innovative Marketing

CB2 is a marketing firm in the Metro Detroit area which focuses on working closely with clients and creating results in sales and marketing. We focus on having an enthusiastic and positive atmosphere when it comes to motivating our team.

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The CB2 Culture

Our hands-on approach with our team helps them develop both professionally and personally in their responsibilities as well as with building relationships. We focus on having a “work hard play hard” mentality, as a team it is important to be productive and accomplish our goals as well as enjoying being a part of a fun environment.

Company Beliefs

We specialize in direct marketing, helping our clients grow their customer base with our proven tactics and strategies. This benefits the companies we represent so that they can focus on the services that they specialize in. We are dedicated to being the top producing brand ambassadors for the Metro Detroit area.

Accelerated Results

Our clients look to us as an outsourced service because of how quickly we are able to generate revenue in targeted markets. Our team works to increase interest and sales in given markets while reducing the costs to our client. Because of this, we are proud to create long lasting partnerships with our clients. 

How We Work

Our business strategies have been proven to work effectively by consistently reducing the cost of gaining new customers for our clients.

Why Us?

We provide a variety of solutions to our clients using creative and innovative ways to keep customers engaged.

Guaranteed ROI

By working closely with our clients, their only expense is from the outcome that is generated from their customers.

Our Team

By investing in our own team members, we can assure that our clients are being represented with proper portrayal.


Our mission is to build a comfort level through conversation and personal connection with the customer to create longevity.


We look for people who are enthusiastic, solution oriented, driven, and open to being hands on with our new ideas and opportunities.

What We Do

New customers are the foundation for any business. As the competition increases, brands can’t rely on existing relationships to survive, as there is a higher risk that customers may be tempted away by competitors with improved packages and better rates. This is why brands can’t only stay competitive with pricing and product services, but also continuously be growing their clientele. CB2 recommends this multi-phase marketing strategy to every client.

Bespoke Service

CB2 provides that every client outsources key services for their business. Examples such as advertising, mailing, website functions, and inside sales are basic strategies for our clients. That is where CB2 can play a role! With our comprehensive experience in the sales & marketing industry, our clients’ minds are at ease knowing that we will meet their sales targets and quality.

Amazing Results

Our start-up worked with CB2 to bring our product to market and we couldn't be happier with the service and results they generated.


Loved working with CB2!

The entire team at CB2 were a pleasure to work with. They are all so dedicated and hard working. Targets were hit quickly and my brand took off!